• Cholon, Not Forgotten

    Cholon, Not Forgotten

    This collection explores Rosalie Lam’s childhood memories of Cholon in the 1950’s – 1960’s. Rosalie captured the mood and feeling of life in Indochina at a time on the cusp of both historic change and personal loss.

  • fu fu fu 2


    The word “FU”, meaning good fortune, luck, blessings, and happiness is very auspicious in Chinese culture. A popular saying is to wish someone a hundred FUs, meaning a super-abundance of happiness.

  • Site Installation

    Site Installation

    Rosalie Lam was taking an art course given by Martha Johnson on the Grand Manan Island. She saw these logs which are used as stakes in a herring weir and thought that they looked like pencils. Now, huge pencils are part of the fishing scene.

  • Street Art

    Street Art

    Toronto is an immensely exciting city with great restaurants, good theaters and art on the road side. As part of the city Street Art program, Rosalie Lam was commissioned to created “MOO…that’s a cow” located at St Clair West and Keele; and “Candy Jar” located at Shaw and Lobb, in the vicinity of Trinity Bellwood park.

  • Sacred cow

    Impression of Sacred Cows

    When I was living in New Delhi I was struck by the juxtaposition of busy street life and the placid sacred cows that wandered freely through the community. I studied the cows around my neighborhood. Starting from sketches, I captured the mood and movement of these urban beasts.

  • Geese Rushing By

    Canada Geese

    This series is inspired by geese seen biking along Toronto’s lakeshore. Canada geese have intriguing expressions, whether moving in groups or taking off in flight.